Student Tours

American Music Abroad Honor Bands, Choirs & Orchestras is a cultural performance tour of western Europe for high school and college aged musicians.

Our bands, jazz bands, choirs, and orchestras have received warm receptions and outstanding reviews at concerts in some of Europe’s finest halls and cathedrals.

Students are carefully selected on the basis of recommendations from their school directors and/or musical achievement demonstrated on audition recordings. Musicians convene at a college for a pre-tour orientation and rehearsal session which includes an introduction to European art and architecture and guidelines for touring.

The focus of our student tours is trifold: musical, cultural and educational.  We believe that music is truly an “international language”.  Our concerts provide a basis to bridge the gap between languages and cultures so that, at least on the musical level, the participants and audience connect and communicate.  The numerous cultural and educational experiences built into each tour range from folkloric evenings to visits to castles and World War II concentration camps.

American Music Abroad Honor Bands, Choirs and Orchestras strives to not only give the participating students an expanded view of the world and an exceptional music performance experience, but also encourages self-reliance within a group atmosphere. It is our goal to see the students grow into responsible and mature young adults as a result of the tour.


American Music Abroad Student Tour Program – Introductory Video
American Music Abroad Student Tour Program – “AMA”zing Experiences Video