When and how do I receive updated information on my tour?

Periodic newsletters are sent via email throughout the winter and spring with tour reminders, information and highlights.  Newsletters will be sent the third week of December (January Newsletter), third week of February (February/March Newsletter), third week of March (April Newsletter), third week of April (May Newsletter) and third week of May (June Newsletter). If you find that you are missing any of these newsletters after their publication date, please contact us at the American Music Abroad office.  Downloadable PDF of the newsletters may be found on the Members Newsletters page.

What is included with each newsletter?

The following list indicates the general information included in each newsletter. This list is for your reference and may be subject to change.  Please review to the Newsletters page under the Members section for individual tour specific information.

Introductory Newsletter (sent with acceptance packet): Information on passports, insurance and instrumental recordings

January Newsletter: Information on flights, passports, concert uniform and instrumental recordings

February/March Newsletter: Information on spring reading sessions (rehearsals), roommate selection, flight group breakdown, college orientation and rehearsal session; American Music Abroad Guide to Taking Spending Money

April Newsletter: Information on airline tax amount; college orientation and rehearsal session, communication to/from Europe and hotel mailing addresses; Updated tour itinerary; American Music Abroad Packing Guide

May Newsletter: Information on college orientation and rehearsal session, participant/guest dinners before the Farewell Concert, escort and driver tips; Medical Form; Code of Conduct (to be signed); Instrument Insurance Information Form.

June Newsletter: Reminders.

Does American Music Abroad sponsor fundraising?

No. However, many participants each year fundraise on their own or with other students from their school that are traveling.

Sponsorship checks may be made payable to American Music Abroad with the participant’s name in the memo field. These checks should be mailed to the participant, giving them the opportunity to send a thank you note and track sponsorship. Then forward the batch of sponsorship checks to American Music Abroad to be applied to the participant’s account.  Sponsors may also donate money through the Payments tab on our website.

Note: American Music Abroad is not a 501(c)(3) company. Click on the links below for sample fundraising letters and fundraising ideas:

Sample Fundraising Letters

Fundraising Ideas


When are payments due?

The payment schedule is listed in the color brochure and on the statement sent with every newsletter. The general payment schedule* is as follows:

  • Due with application – $100.00 (nonrefundable)
  • Due 15 days after acceptance into the program – $200.00
  • Due by February 1st – $500.00
  • Due by March 1st – $1000.00
  • Due by April 15th – final payment (refer to statement sent with April Newsletter – includes airline taxes & fuel surcharges)

* The payment schedule above is altered for participants accepted into the program after January 1st. Please refer to the statements sent with the newsletters.


What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations must be received in writing. The following amounts are non-refundable. For cancellations prior to May 1, the refundable amount is mailed by check within 2 weeks.  Refunds for late cancellations may take up to several months.

  • Non-refundable deposit $100.00
  • December 16 – January 15 $150.00 *
  • January 16 – February 15 $250.00 *
  • February 16 – March 31 $350.00 *
  • April 1 – May 1 $1200.00 *

Due to the purchase of non-refundable airline tickets and the prepayment of coaches and hotels, the refundable portion is very limited after May 1st.

* includes the $100.00 deposit

What are airline taxes?

Airline taxes are taxes assessed by the governments of the countries from which you will be flying. American Music Abroad pays the airline taxes to the airline, which in turn, pays the governments. Also included in the airline tax amount are airline fuel surcharges.   Currently, these surcharges alone are over $500.00 per ticket.  The taxes and fuel surcharges are included in the tour price.

What meals are included?

Breakfast and dinner are included during the European portion of the tour. Lunch is independent.  While at the college all meals are included.

Are recordings of the group available?

A recording of the Farewell Concert and recording sessions at the college is done by AMP Recording & Duplicating. Compact Discs will be available for order at the Farewell Concert. If you would like to order a CD after the Farewell Concert please call 856-667-1667 (orders will not be taken prior to the concert) or visit their website.  CDs are usually sent in August and September.

What is the concert uniform? How do we obtain one?

The concert uniform is required for all performing members of the tour. Each participant should obtain the following from a store or catalog company. The concert uniform is as follows:

BOYS – Navy blazer, medium gray dress slacks, short-sleeve white button-down shirt, red & navy patterned tie and black dress socks & shoes.

GIRLS – Red (“Flag” red) blazer, navy dress pants, short-sleeve or sleeveless white blouse (see below for specifications), black or navy heels or flats (enclosed – no sandals). Note: Band Front participants will receive information on their uniform in a newsletter.  Short-sleeve white blouses should be “jewel-neck”, no collar, ruffles or buttons.  Sleeveless blouses must have straps of at least 1″.  Blouses should not be t-shirts.  We are working to provide a source for blouse and blazer purchasing.  More information will be given in the January Newsletter.

Do we wear our concert uniform for the Farewell Concert?

Yes. The purpose of the Farewell Concert for family and friends at the college is to present what the concerts in Europe will sound and look like.  Group and ensemble photos will also be taken at the concert.  Photos may be purchased from AMP Recording & Duplicating, the company who also records the Farewell Concert.

Do we get to choose our roommates?

Yes. A link to the roommate request form will be sent with the February/March Newsletter (in February).  Roommate choices are due no later than April 15. All requests received after April 15 may not be honored. If you do not have a roommate choice, one will be assigned to you.

May I deviate from the tour itinerary to visit family or friends?

Yes. If you desire to stay in Europe longer than the tour, we must receive a request in writing by no later than February 28th. Please contact us for additional information and a request form.

If you desire to visit with a family member or friend during the tour, your parents/guardians must complete a Special Leave form. Please contact us for a form. Students may not leave the tour group without a Special Leave form on file. Family and friends are also welcome to attend the European concerts and visit for a short time following the concert (during instrument loading) without completing a Special Leave form.

Special Leave Form

Are there any opportunities for parents or families to travel with American Music Abroad?

Due to the limited space on our student program, it is not possible for parents and/or families to travel with American Music Abroad Student Honor Tours.  However, American Music Abroad offers Alumni or non-performing adult tours designed for past AMA participants, families and friends interested in taking advantage of American Music Abroad’s tour expertise and value.  Families of current AMA participants are also welcome to join our Adult Tours.  We have two non-performing adult tours traveling in 2015.  Please contact us for further information.

How is the seating in band or orchestra decided?

Audio seating recordings are due no later than January 15th.  Follow the instructions as printed in the color brochure and January Newsletter.   All recordings must be in MP3 format and emailed to customerservice@americanmusicbaroad.com.

What is the General Consent Agreement?

The General Consent Agreement is the agreement between American Music Abroad and tour participants.  Parents and participants must electronically initial during the application process that they agree to the Agreement.  The agreement is binding once a letter of acceptance from American Music Abroad is received.  The Agreement can be found in the main brochure or at the link below.

AMA General Consent Agreement